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Healthy Active Life Styles
and Lifelong Learning

At HALSALL Consultancy we believe in a 'people first' approach to help clients improve their wellbeing and happiness both at home and work. With 35 years  of experience in teaching, coaching, management and coach education, we focus on personalised support and one-to-one guidance. Whether you are a teacher, coach or professional with another area of expertise, HALSALL Consultancy aims to provide clear practical steps to bring about change, with positive relationships are at the forefront of our philosophy.

For an initial conversation, contact Vinny and let’s start building our relationship and explore how HALSALL Consultancy can support you.



Are you looking to make changes to your day-to-day life in order to improve the quality of your relationships, health, well-being and ultimately your happiness?

If you've answered YES to any of these questions, then let's arrange a one-to-one catch up to see how HALSALL Lifestyle Coaching can help you.


With 30 years of experience as a qualified Teacher and provider of professional learning for teachers and trainees, HALSALL Consultancy can support your development. Whether it be sharing ideas, experiences or a more specific focus, our individualised approach could be perfect for your current situation. See more information here.

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How is your planning going for a return to practice sessions and match-days? Click this link: RETURN TO PLAY to access some TOP TIPS that will help you and your players enjoy getting back into football.

With over 30 years of coaching and teaching experience, Vinny would love to hear about the challenges that you are facing and how might be able to offer support and guidance.

Contact Vinny for an initial chat.

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